You'd be amazed at what some kids endure to play sports

Politics In Kids Sports

There is an epidemic of politics and favoritism in our kids sports teams from recreation league to high school and AAU. This is a very serious issue that has the potential to destroy a young up and coming athlete's confidence. Many times that confidence is shattered by someone they trust to help another athlete get a boost. Politics in kids sports is a reality, and the effects consistently rears its ugly head. 

This book focuses on basketball however it pertains to all kids in any team sport.

You will be amazed at what some kids endure to play sports.



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About the Author

First-time author Chris Holmes wrote Politics in Kids Sports to empower all student-athletes with much needed information to navigate politics and favoritism in the world of kids sports. Chris gained insight watching his three kids grow up playing sports, as well as coaching four years of recreation league basketball and AAU hoops. Chris wants to inform all young athletes and their parents with the true picture of what to expect as they sign up their child to play on an organized sports team. He also believes all student athletes play sports for the love of the game and because it is fun. If their goal is to play sports in high school and beyond, he wants you to be aware of the power coaches, and athletic directors hold over your future before it's too late.

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